Winter is on its way

November 28th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s November and winter is finally on its way to St Albans and Harpenden gardens. The Leaves are falling rapidly, and wind and rain are set to increase as the temperature inside and out starts to drop. This is the time of year that you need to prepare your garden for the darkest months so they can come again in the spring to surprise and delight. 

If you have any really tender plants in your garden despite the near tropical summer they will need some protection from frost, wind and freezing rains. If you can move those plants into the greenhouse, or into a sheltered spot, but if they are too big to move it is worth wrapping such plants or pots up in garden fleece or sometimes bubble wrap.  You can find what you need at most reputable garden centres. 

It can be a good month for moving or planting trees & shrubs. If you are wanting to grow a hedge many bare roots deciduous hedging plants and shrubs become available this month. They need to be planted promptly before they dry out or get frosted. You can still order and plant containerised trees and shrubs, for planting later in the winter, when bare-root plants are no longer available.

Remember any newly planted hedges or shrubs in your St Albans or Harpenden November garden will need protecting from wind and cold. A temporary netting windbreak is sufficient where there is no natural shelter. Straw, bracken, or something similar can be used to pack around deciduous plants and protect them from frost. A wooden frame with clear polythene stretched over it can do a similar job without blocking light from evergreens.

As the weather changes you might want to set up your bird feeders again. There may be plenty of berries just now but remember as the winter months progress it can be a tough time for birds in terms of water and food, so keep your birdbath clean and watered and your supplies of nuts and seeds well topped up.