What draws the eye in home viewings?

November 8th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
What draws the eye in home viewings?

If you have bought or sold property in the St Albans or Harpenden area you will no doubt have thought about a bit of a tidy? But a new study suggests that a quarter of viewing time is taken up focussing on clutter and mess! So maybe it really does count.
Using eye tracking technology the study conducted by Anglian Home Improvements, wanted to find out what house hunters really focus on when viewing a property. A range of house hunters viewed a property while wearing eye tracking glasses to see what actually grabbed their attention during the viewing.
It found that men tend to focus on the outside while women pay more attention to inside but surprisingly the furnishings and decor took up 27% of the house hunters’ focus during the viewing and a similar amount of time, 24%, was spent looking at clutter and mess around the home. In comparison, the layout of the house took up just 4% of their time during the viewing! Exterior features and the garden accounted for 22% of the participant’s focus, with 17% of time spent looking outside through the windows.
‘It was very interesting to learn that so little of the participant’s behaviour was focused on the building and structural features, apart from the things that needed to be fixed,’ said Melanie McDonald, head of PR at Anglian Home Improvements. ‘Although it is easy to forget to mend that broken light switch or socket, the fact that all the participants lingered on the badly installed light switch in the study just goes to show these little things are noticed during house viewings,’ she pointed out.