Tweenies in Harpenden

September 3rd 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Tweenies in Harpenden

Harpenden and St Albans are great locations to raise a family, many families make the move to Harpenden or St Albans from London when they have a family. But moving to a more rural doesn’t magically prevent teenagers from being teenagers or Tweenies from being Tweenies. On Friday 13th September 2019 at 9.30am in the Jubilee Room, Sauncey Wood School, Pickford Hill, Harpenden, AL5 5HL a workshop for parents and carers with children in Year 6 & 7 is being held. 

Years 6 & 7 the transitions years from Primary school to Secondary school are massive for parent and child alike. If you have noticed your child is developing into a teenager and would you like some strategies to help support your developing child this workshop could be for you. Tweenies the eight- to 12-year-olds (short for in- betweenies) and have emerged as a group with their desires and needs they are just like teenagers but different writes Sylvia Thompson. Although the term was blatantly created by the marketing industry to define a new target group to sell things to this in itself makes them more vulnerable. But, careful handling can help this newly identified generation grow into happier, healthier teenagers. 

Many experts suggest that time invested in getting it right during this crucial in-between period will bestow long-term benefits - for us as parents, for our tweenie and the parent-child relationship. “It will not be five years of hard slog or guilt: on the contrary, tweenies' developing sense of humour, their newly acquired, fresh-faced wisdom, their excitement and enthusiasm and their growing confidence in their stronger bodies and more capable minds make tweenies a delight to watch and be with," writes Hartley-Brewer. UK-based parenting expert and author of Talking to Tweenies: Getting It Right Before It Gets Rocky With Your Eight- To 12-Year-Old.

For more information on this event follow this link.

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