Thinking of getting cosy this winter?

November 29th 2016
By: Melanie
Thinking of getting cosy this winter?

After a long Hertfordshire walk there is nothing like coming home to a wood-burning stove and almost 200,000 wood-burners were installed in Britain last year. While the initial outlay can seem a bit expensive, they can reduce your fuel bills over time, and there is no doubt they are a fashionable addition to any home.
'A decade ago, wood-burners were just not found in towns and city homes, but they've since gain ground in urban areas.' Says Paul Chesney. 'Wood-burning stoves are generally installed for a reason, such as a secondary heating supply or to save money.' Many suppliers claim that the closed design of a wood-burner can shave as much as 85 per cent off your heating bill - although this does not take into consideration the cost of the stove or the installation.” Says Hugh Wells, vice chairman of the Stove Industry Alliance.
If you are thinking of installing a wood-burning stove it is worth doing your sums there are three main elements you'll need to consider - the stove itself, the installation and then the fuel. It is also worth noting that new regulations being introduced from 2022 will see a limit on emissions on wood-burners. A total of 7% of all smoke emissions in cities are attributed to wood-burning, although the majority of this is from wood-burning in gardens, on open fires or from old wood burning stoves. So if you are going to invest in a wood-burner it is worth buying one that adheres to the new regulations that are coming into force.

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