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September 20th 2017
 This is a 30 minute squash coconut curry that is fast, easy, super healthy and yummy to warm up you Autumn evenings. Remember ...
August 29th 2017
With the start of term looming and the routine about to settle down don’t let after school snacks get you down. No more boring sandwiches get creative  and make sure they get to eat the right stuff to help them through those back to school early evenings. 
August 9th 2017
We have all heard of fish and chips but what about fish and salad, even fish and a chunky set of salsa ingredients
July 12th 2017
You could just hastily chop a whole load of fresh fruit and bung it in a bowl but where’s the fun in that? But how would you m...
June 7th 2017
It is such a brilliantly tasty vegetable and British asparagus is in season form the end of April till the end of June so why not make the most of it
May 23rd 2017
With so many country walks in and around St Albans and Harpenden why not see if you can lead the kids on a Homemade elderflower cordial making adventure this bank holiday?
April 7th 2017
The Alban Bun is still part of the tradition of the city made at the historic Redbournbury Mill.
February 22nd 2017
If you want to try something different as well as reduce the family’s gluten intake, you might want to try this recipe. If you want to try Vegan pancakes just experiment with plant based milk and no eggs, it works just as well. 
February 15th 2017
Local food writer, Becky Alexander and nutritionist, Michelle Lake (Mission Nutrition, St Albans) have teamed up to produce Packed all about lunch and snacks recipes to squeeze more nutrients into your day.
January 18th 2017
One of the most recommended ways of eating and losing weight recently has been the 5:2 diet with its plain and simple method of simply limiting yourself to 500 calories a day (600 for men) twice a week
January 4th 2017
With each new year so many resolutions are made and many of them involve food so to help us on our way it looks as if vegetable yogurts will become the new food of choice, replacing traditional sweet flavoured yogurts in the fridge.
December 14th 2016
Whether you are hosting the entire family for a few days or just having the neighbours round for a quiet drink or a cup of tea to toast the season there is one very simple treat that is a must at Christmas time- Brandy butter.