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June 24th 2021
Landlords Safety Pack – keeping landlords legal and tenants safeThe Landlords safety pack will include 3 risk assessments covering the key issues of:Legionella Risk Assesment - ensuring your water systems are safe from from harmful bacteriaHHSRS (Housing Health & Safety Rating System) - ensuring your property is risk assessed with The Fitness For Human Habitation Bill 2019Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Testing - ensuring your alarms are positioned correctly, are in date and tested with real smoke & gas
June 14th 2021
Lights out for high energy bulbs this autumn.From this September, the government will ban the sale of halogen light bulbs and from September 2023, legislation will also include the removal of fluorescent lights from shelves in a bid to tackle climate change.  
June 14th 2021
The Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017 claimed 72 lives, and exposed the dangers of inflammable cladding on residential tower blocks, and has become known as 'The Cladding Scandal'.  This triggered calls for changes to UK building regulations and the strengthening of fire safety measures.  
June 1st 2021
Eviction notice periods reduced.On the 12th May, the Government announced a shortening of the extended notice periods brought in during 2020 to protect tenants from eviction during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.From 1st June 2021, notice periods in England that are currently six months, will now be reduced to four months.
May 29th 2021
Meet Cherry Maddern, our move in progressor.  Cherry joined us in November last year, bringing a wealth of experience and superb customer focused approach from a career within the lettings market. 
May 12th 2021
Existing landlords with additional properties?Great News for Landlords!  If you are an existing Landlord with Frost's and have additional properties within your portfolio which are not managed by our team, we are offering a 3 month management fee free period, if you bring the additional property to us to look after*.
May 6th 2021
What the Debt Respite Breathing Space Scheme means to landlordsCovid-19 may have left some tenants struggling to pay their rent, and this new law will ensure they have some "breathing space", giving them time to find a way to pay off their debts.The Debt Respite Scheme came into effect from 4 May 2021. 
May 6th 2021
This month we wanted to highlight Sophie Hutchinson, our newly appointed Lettings Manager for St Albans. Sophie lives locally in the area and has worked within the property industry for over 9 years, been with Frosts for almost 6 years, and  gained a huge wealth of property knowledge during this time.
May 4th 2021
Like every business Frost’s have been through a tumultuous year, ensuring we have protected our staff and clients has been central in decisions we have taken and with the restrictions on social distancing providing us less office space then we would need a lot of our staff have like many elsewhere have been working from home over the last year. As we look to regain some normality, we are delighted to inform you that we have taken a temporary office in St Albans in order to allow our entire property management team to return to work.
April 29th 2021
Properties with gardens have been extremely sought after since the start of lockdown.When it comes to renting a property with a garden, landlords and tenants can get easily confused with what’s required from both parties and this can cause confusion at the end of the tenancy. 
April 14th 2021
Landlords - managing your propertyIf you are thinking of investing into property, or are already a landlord, you may be thinking of engaging the services of a Property Management Company rather than managing it yourself.Rental properties are subject to an increasing amount of legislation and compliance, and as a landlord you have responsibilities towards your tenants that you cannot afford to ignore.
April 8th 2021
Meet Elena Duff - Property Management Assistant