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August 3rd 2017
August is the last true month of summer in your St Albans garden.  It is a time when the veg plot is usually at its best. There is still time to sow quick growing salad crops such as lettuce, rocket and radish. It is also the time of year to keep up with dead heading your flowers so they can keep blooming well into September as the later flowers come to their peak.
June 2nd 2017
We often say that St Albans is rich and diverse in all the activities and clubs that it has on offer and if gardening is not your thing perhaps the next Mid Herts Bonsai Club Bonsai Show can change your mind.
May 25th 2017
If the ideal bank holiday for you is a long weekend in the garden May really is the best time to be busy.  In many parts of the country May is a month in which more tender plants can be put outside, we should be frost free by the end of May, but it is always an idea to have a fleece or cloche handy.
May 15th 2017
Any beautiful St Albans garden needs to have a comfortable sitting area ideally in the most scenic spot. For many the garden is a tonic to help you relax, read a book or enjoy al fresco dining with friends and family. 
May 10th 2017
It is something we can take for granted but in May the arrival of the early crop of new potatoes can bring the taste of spring to any dining table.  New potatoes are delicious and can be happily eaten all by themselves with just a little butter and salt.
March 7th 2017
If you want you’re St Albans or Harpenden garden looking good this summer March is the time for planting summer bulbs and getting your slugs and snails under control.  If you want to grow some veg its time to plant early potatoes.   
January 24th 2017
It is more than a year since GQT, Gardener’s Question Time had a full house of over a hundred people in Park Hall in Harpenden where the audience enjoyed a stimulating and entertaining evening hosted by the Harpenden Gardening Society for BBC Radio 4.
November 9th 2016
The change in light and the temperature has made all the leaves fall from the trees of St Albans and Harpenden, creating a blanket of dead leaves everywhere
September 19th 2016
As Autumn starts in St Albans and Harpenden memories of school harvest festivals come to mind as we help our kids prepare for theirs.