Street food Social Harpenden

September 6th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Street food Social Harpenden

Street food has taken off in recent years as a brilliant way to find out more about all kinds of food from around the world. Following on from the success of the launch event in August, Harpenden Street Food Social is back with more vendors on Friday 15th September from 4pm - 9pm on Harpenden Common, Harpenden, AL5 2LX
Street food is all about theatre, insanely great flavours and community. It is also a relatively inexpensive way of having a delicious freshly cooked meal.  If you have missed the buzz of street food or want to introduce your family to the delights of a variety of cooking aromas and options here’s a local opportunity.
In the UK, street food is largely eaten at markets, at special events, but not so much actually in the street. But years and years ago street food would have been as common in Europe as it is in South East Asia. But when the UK’s traditional market scene took a bit of a nose dive and supermarkets took over food sales street traditions were lost. It was a bad time for independent traders and small businesses when the exponential growth of fast food outlets took over ironically making buying food on the street less fashionable.
But tasty quality street food is thankfully back and many of us want more of it. Once you’ve found your favourite local trader, you probably will too. Visitors to Harpenden’s Street food social can also try locally brewed beer and cider, or indulge in a chilled glass of Prosecco from the licensed bar.
There should be something for everyone's tastes. Stallholders will be announced on the HARPENDEN STREET FOOD SOCIAL Facebook page.