Statement aquarium?

May 2nd 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

When thinking how to design your kitchen a statement aquarium might come to mind in the wake of various celebrities having them and one Dutch designer Robert Kolenik, is one of those people who focuses on high-end sustainable design.  He has even created a stunning kitchen counter that has a beautiful large aquarium for a base.
The ‘Ocean Keuken’ is a large ‘L’ shaped aquarium and the storage compartment inside the counter is hidden with mirrors to make the aquarium seem much larger than it is. To facilitate cleaning and accessing the fish such a counter top raises with the push of a button, allowing the aquarium to be accessed with ease. The counter can be custom-made according to the client’s needs but Kolenik nonetheless likes to stress that he focuses on providing designs with low carbon footprints.
Perhaps a lower carbon foot print might be achieved with getting the simplest easiest family pet in a bowl on a kitchen surface for lots of child friendly entertainment.  Fish really are the ideal started pet, they are cheap, don’t live forever, they may swim around in their own waste and spit out food– but fortunately that all happens behind glass.  Some hardy goldfish can even live for years in cold water with no heater or filter. It has to be noted that one of the most common ways for a goldfish to die prematurely is by feeding him too much or the wrong food all good life lessons.

Photo Source: Statement Aquariums