St Michaels Village Folk Evening

June 26th 2017
By: Melanie
St Michaels Village Folk Evening

The summer months in St Albans are packed with all kinds of fun activity to suit every taste.  If a spot of folk music and dancing is up your street then you will be delighted to hear the traffic will stop on Wednesday 5 July closing St Michael's Street, St Albans from 8-10pm for the 30th St Michael's Street Folk evening. Since 1988, this event has been held annually on the first Wednesday in July and has become firmly established in the local calendar.
Many of the people and groups involved in folk music and dance in the St Albans area get together to perform in the historic setting of St Michael's village.  Up to 11 dance groups, including pupils from St Michael's School, perform in open-air shows, while there is live music in the two pubs and the churchyard.
Back in 2015 the bells of St Michael's Church were added to kick of the folk evening. In recent years, the number of ringers has declined and the St Michael's band is looking for new members, whether experienced ringers or learners. After dancing in the street and the school playground finishes, music and singing will continue until closing time all over the village.
Usually, the festival is blessed with fine weather, and St Michael's village is full to overflowing. Unusually, nobody asks the audience for money; all the musicians and dancers perform for FREE! There's (some) food and (plenty of) drink to be had from the pubs.

Overture by St Michael's bell ringers 7.15 pm, Dancing 8-10pm, Music 8-11pm