St Albans’ host of ghosts

October 22nd 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
St Albans’ host of ghosts

As the evenings really draw in and Halloween is nearly upon us is there any better excuse to explore the fantastically rich history of St Albans and its environs than with some ghostly fun. The streets of St Albans have ghost tales by the bucket load - they have seen royalty killed and martyrs burnt at the stake, leading to some of the most amazing ghost sightings.
So many familiar St Albans haunts are built on places of history.  Woeful tales of residents gone by abound in the cobbled streets approaching French Row where various people “met their death in unpleasant ways”. The street currently houses shops and cafés, but not so long ago a very different trade resided there, ladies of the night reportedly found their home in the timber-framed walkthrough which leads into Christopher Place. Paranormal investigators have reportedly described a whole variety of female ghosts, seemingly waiting for their next customer here.
If sitting down indoors is more your thing on an October evening the fabulous Tudor building that houses the White Hart  is said to be one of the most haunted pubs in St Albans, with tales of the ghost of a little girl who tragically died in a fire. There have also been sightings of the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson, who is said to have lost her head in 1820 when she didn’t duck as the Northampton coach went under the inn’s archway…..the list of “haunted” places is endless. So why not bypass that predictable scary film and look no further than St Albans own ghoulish history for a fright night to remember.