Spring Equinox colour

March 14th 2017
By: Melanie
Spring Equinox colour

The 20th March will see in the Spring Equinox and heralding the arrival of spring are the swathes of spring flowers that have steadily been making themselves known across the gardens of St Albans and Harpenden.  Snowdrops have been and gone and the jewel like crocus planted in large naturalised swathes across lawns have been with us for a few weeks giving way to the glorious golden daffodils.  Spring flowers really do announce the spring, drawing to a close the dark winter days, with a riot of colour to the garden when few other plants are in flower.
Next will be the tulips with so many shapes and colours including some amazing double flowers and stunning colours of the tulips like Purple Wow. Perhaps you have already spotted some of the instantly recognisable Snake Head Fritillaries forcing themselves into the world, named snakes heads for their shape and their distinctive snakes-skin markings.  These are usually at their best when grown in areas of damp, meadow-like areas of grass. Although native to the UK, Snakes Head Fritillaries are now protected and rarely seen in the wild, so it’s well worth planting some in your garden.
If you have a shady damp spot you might be beginning to spot the lush green carpet of foliage that precedes Lily of the Valley famed for its breath taking perfume and sprays of elegant white flowers.  If you planted some hyacinths outside rather than in pots they too will soon be making their presence known with their majestic upright flowers and powerful fragrance.