Selfless St Albans 

March 21st 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Selfless St Albans 

Selfless St Albans locals completed more than 300 acts of kindness throughout a week dedicated to thinking of others. Jonathan Godden a local Strategic manager came up with the idea after a holiday in Thailand. There he had experienced British people are often not as generous as they could be. On his return, he decided to start the Kindies challenge in St Albans.

For the St Albans challenge he asked participants to make a note of one kind thing they did a day for a week, and let him know. Participants, who have become known locally as Kindies, got into the challenge. The kind of acts of kindness included reconnecting with old friends and family, reaching out to people who let them down, and proactively supporting those in need. A large amount of food, money, and time was donated to local charities throughout the designated week.

Jonathan suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and he says it has helped him to “understand how precious life is and how generally our interactions with friends, family and generally people in day to day life can help define your happiness”.

“From my side, it was far beyond what I thought it would do,” said Jonathan.  “It has inspired a lot of people and personally I am hugely proud of the individuals who did it. I have tried to follow up with people and seen it’s propelled them to have a different lens, to look out for other people and check everybody is alright.”

He is  running a one day challenge on November 13th for World Kindness Day. If you want to find out about the next task and become a St Albans Kindie, there is a FB page