Pudding delight at the Pudding Stop

July 4th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Pudding delight at the Pudding Stop

There are lots of great food outlets in St Albans but some really do stand out. If you like to cook but have not managed to become a baker, however much you have watched The Great British Bake Off the presence of The Pudding Stop, in St Albans will be a delight. You can visit the shop for pudding or have pudding delivered to your door. And if you commute to and from London through St Albans station you will have been hard pushed not to have purchased something on a weeknight from the little van outside the back entrance.
The Pudmobile, was set up by Johnny an ex-Great British Bake Off contestant who thought that commuters might like to pick up a dessert on their way home and it proved to be a very good idea.  The quality of his puddings become so popular in St Albans that he was almost forced to open a shop to accompany the Pudmobile a couple of years ago.  The Pudding Stop is a special shop and only sells puddings, wine and cheese offering something quite unique in St Albans. Despite its popularity the business has managed to retain its feel of a truly independent business. Johnny, who set up the pudding business often mans the station van himself, he is happy to offer recommendations on the best accompaniments to his pecan pie or rhubarb & custard doughnuts not to mention the salted caramel and peanut butter brownies. 

They also run a cute monthly colouring competition, (for children) and the winner is awarded a £10 gift voucher when their colouring gets posted on The Pudding Stop website for everyone to see.
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