Pigs in Blankets

December 13th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Pigs in Blankets

Can it really be Christmas without pigs in blankets? If you have never made them before the classic is  a juicy pork sausage wrapped in flavoursome smoked bacon, for some the best part of Christmas dinner. And pigs in blankets are reasonably straight forward to make and can be made in a variety of styles to suit almost any taste.

Some like to wrap up small cocktail sausages, other choose to use large Cumberland’s depending on your families appetite. Obviously you need to cook the sausages according to their size.

If you go for a medium-sized chipolata sausage, all you do is pre-heat your oven to Gas mark 6, stretch out your bacon slices so that they are nice and thin. Then wrap each sausage in bacon so that it is covered from end to end, securing with a cocktail stick if needed. Cook for 15 minutes until golden brown and cooked through.

If you have vegetarians to cater for too a veggie version of the festive classic can be created with pastry and vegan bacon and sausages. The PETA approved version of pigs in blankets is made by wrapping vegan sausages in vegan “bacon” pre-rolled dough before sprinkling with vegan cheese and baking in the oven.

Don’t forget to shop local on Sunday 17th December its Harpenden Farmers market on Lower High Street, Harpenden, from 10am - 2pm. There you will find plenty of sausages and other meats to help you feast with your family this Christmas form the approximately 70 stalls and runs along the Lower High Street from Sainsbury's Supermarket to Strutt & Parker.