Music is a great fun for your little ones

August 2nd 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Music is a great fun for your little ones

It is widely accepted that developing your child’s musical skills will benefit them in the long term. One local music club does just that. Little music Wizards offers a great opportunity to kick-start your child’s musical development through a fun, creative learning experience.
Wizards weekly sessions offer babies and young children the opportunity to experience high quality music lessons with lots of instruments, traditional nursery rhymes and bespoke songs. Their curriculum has been specially written by experienced teachers and musicians, to be in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage of mainstream education.
In the classes for 3-12 months babies they often react to songs and music with enthusiasm benefitting from a musical environment in which to stimulate the neural pathways in their brain. For 1-2 year olds they are exposed to more melodies and rhythms which have a lot of repetition. These classes develop basic rhythm with a simple 4/4 beat and lots of active movement along to the music to delight and engage, as well as to develop self-confidence.
For 2-3 year olds classes will explore more different sounds to develop listening skills and a musical ear. More rhymes are practised to encourage speech and movement in time to the music. In the oldest group of 3-4 year olds there is a focus on building skills in preparation for learning an instrument. In these groups your child will even learn musical symbols and concepts including notes, dynamics and rhythms.