Most favourite time of the year

December 24th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Most favourite time of the year

If St Albans carol singing, Christmas card posting and a Hertfordshire post-Christmas dinner walk are part of your list of favourite things for the time of the year, you are not alone. A recent poll of 2,000 adults found many of us also yearn to go back to the days when kissing under the mistletoe and going to pantomimes were the norm.

Costa Coffee did a poll that found that more people are returning to turkey on Christmas Day rather than opting for trendier options. Home-made decorations also rank as do festive rituals people would like to see make a comeback like making our own Christmas cake and drinking eggnog.

If you’d  like to check your St Albans or Harpenden Christmas against the things you miss about Christmas and your favourite things about this time of the year these lists are for you:

Top 20 things we miss most about Christmas - 

Carol singing

Sending Christmas cards

Going for a post-Christmas walk

Making mince pies

Listening to Christmas songs

Having crackers

Having turkey on Christmas Day

Kissing under the mistletoe

Putting up a real Christmas tree

Making your own Christmas cake

Making your own Christmas pudding

Going to the Christmas pantomime

Putting mistletoe up

Shoebox to charity (typically containing sweets, clothing items, pens etc)

Having Brussel sprouts

Making your own Christmas directions

Putting a sixpence or penny in a Christmas pudding

Watching the Queen’s Speech

Setting fire to the Christmas pudding

Drink eggnog

Our top 20 favourite things about Christmas-

Having turkey on Christmas Day

Watching a classic Christmas film

Listening to Christmas songs

Sending Christmas cards

Opening Christmas crackers

Playing board games/charades

Wearing Christmas jumpers

Eating Christmas pudding

Eating Brussel sprouts

Putting stockings out on Christmas Eve

Opening an advent calendar

Drinking mulled wine

Having Christmas dinner later in the day

Going for a post-Christmas walk

Having a real Christmas tree

Going to the German Christmas markets

Making homemade mince pies

Wearing Christmas pyjamas

Watching the Doctor Who Christmas special

Leaving food out for Father Christmas and his reindeer