Lighter wood is back  

April 28th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

Natural wood is always a welcome feature for any home whether its floors, stair, doors, cabinets or accessories and interior designers are swapping painted cabinets and dark floors for lighter wood tones at the moment. “This spring the most stylish homes are dressed in the light tones of oak, ash and beech” says Jenny Wood.
It may be tempting to want to spend hours online building up a new kitchen decked out in white cabinets and introducing whole swathe of pale wood floors to your home for a real Scandinavian feel. But you don't necessarily need to completely remodel to get in on this trend.
Whether it's beech, birch, ash or oak, this softer palette helps create an open, natural feel that can sit alongside almost any modern, rustic or cosy design. You might want to start by introducing blonde wood in small doses. As a neutral, it goes with pretty much everything. Light wood lamps are a favourite right now they can bring the combination of nude wood and white to any home. If you have room big enough a large ceiling light fixture is great way to make a statement in blonde wood and just adding a lighter coloured mirror frame to a bathroom or hall mirror can create a simple, natural look.
If you do go the whole hog and introduce light wood floors look to wooden furniture in similar  shades to your floor to create a better visual flow between the different zones maybe bringing in some variety by using different tones of off white and brown.
If you would like to shop locally for furniture then check out Raft in St Albans  or Wesley Barrell.
Photo Source: Wesley Barrell

Source: The Standard