Keep some spice in your life

April 6th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you have been enjoying the season of the great British hot cross bun it is good to know that all those spices that make them so aromatic can be really good for us. Often people think that antioxidants come exclusively from fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate or red wine, but many spices also have an abundance of antioxidants.
Cinnamon for example is a “nutritional powerhouse”. “It contains iron, calcium and manganese and is loaded with antioxidants and health benefits,” says Vandana Sheth.  Studies suggest that cinnamon may help control blood glucose and blood pressure in people with Type 2 diabetes. Enjoy cinnamon on porridge or add a little in your next smoothie to start reaping its benefits. Sprinkle it on toast, yogurt or cereal, it can also work well sprinkled on veggies such as roasted carrots or sweet potatoes.
Nutmeg may even help you require less dental work. In vitro tests conducted at Pavia University in Italy, and published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology in 2011, showed that “an antibacterial compound in the spice, called macelignan, cut plaque formation in half and eradicated cavity-producing microbes.”  Nutmeg may also help relieve various digestive problems such as indigestion but experts advise using nutmeg sparingly. For stomach troubles they suggest sprinkling just a pinch on top of a fiber-rich cereal in the morning or adding a quarter of a teaspoon of powdered or grated nutmeg to ground coffee to spice up your morning.
Source: Live Strong