Hertfordshire County Council at work

October 2nd 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you are thinking of moving to the county of Hertfordshire you might want to know a bit more about what Hertfordshire County Council has to offer. St Albans and Harpenden are at the heart of Hertfordshire and a stone's throw from all the work opportunities and entertainment delights of London so getting in, out and about the towns in all weathers is vital. 

This winter the county is promising it will be doing more to keep St Albans moving on the roads. Although it is only the beginning of the Autumn Hertfordshire County Council has approved some new gritting routes to help keep key roads clear of snow and ice.

The County Council’s fleet of 58 gritters will, where practical, now grit roads to schools, care homes, doctor’s surgeries, key pharmacies and libraries, as well as all the county’s A and B roads, bus routes (including school bus routes), roads with a 10% gradient or steeper and at least one route into every village. 

This winter in St Albans the County Council is also offering salt to schools to help them stay open during icy weather, as well as to Parish and Town councils who can use their local knowledge to identify exactly where best to use the salt during severe weather.  

To make sure that high priority pavement are kept clear of snow and safe the District and Borough Councils that help with clearing high priority pavements can apply for up to 30 tonnes of salt to assist with highway treatments at no cost.

In addition resident and community groups can apply for up to 680kg of salt, and schools can ask for up to 1 tonne. Last year some 200 local groups took advantage of the Hertfordshire County councils offer to help keep St Albans, Harpenden and other key towns on the move through the winter.