Harpenden’s Fairtrade Town Status

November 27th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Harpenden’s Fairtrade Town Status

As the pressure to consume starts to build it can be good to remember that if we are fortunate enough to be able to afford Fairtrade items, it can really benefit those who are less fortunate.
Not only is Harpenden thriving commuter town located half way between St Albans and Luton with a "village" feel a tree lined High Street, town greens, period cottages, and a Common consisting of 96.39 hectares of open space that supports cricket, football and Golf clubs it can boast County Wildlife Site designation and it’s a Fairtrade town!
Being a Fairtrade town means that it has made a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using products with the Fairtrade mark. To achieve Fairtrade town status, community organisations, faith groups, businesses, schools and individuals all contribute by pledging to do what they can to support Fairtrade and promote the FAIRTRADE Mark.
To have this status the Council first passed a resolution supporting Fairtrade agreeing to serve Fairtrade products in meetings, offices and wherever possible. Secondly, Fairtrade products need to be readily available in the town's retail outlets and served in local catering outlets. Local workplaces, churches, schools and other community organisations must pledge their support to using Fairtrade products whenever possible. There must be significant media coverage and events to raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community and a local Fairtrade steering group is need to be in place. Not bad for a small town.