Good Eating in 2017

January 4th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Good Eating in 2017

With each new year so many resolutions are made and many of them involve food so to help us on our way it looks as if vegetable yogurts will become the new food of choice, replacing traditional sweet flavoured yogurts in the fridge. Waitrose has predicted flavours such as carrot, beetroot and sweet potato, all of which have proved to be an unexpected hit in America, will soon be making their mark in Britain, in its annual food and drink trends report.
Waitrose also noted that the faddy diet seems to be on the decline, “people are more likely to perceive healthy food as tasty and tasty food as healthy”, said Natalie Mitchell, head of brand development. It has also found that the distinctions are becoming “blurred” between restaurant and home eating, as people are increasingly opting to stage domestic fine dining and go out for more casual meals with friends.
People are also taking increasing care over the presentation of their home-cooked food because of social media. Almost 44 per cent of survey respondents said they made more of an effort when preparing food if they thought a photo of it would be posted on Instagram or other sites, while one in five said they had posted or sent a picture of food within the last month. “We have become a nation of food curators, telling the world about who we are via our food choices, through the lens of social media,” said the report. Who will be the first in St Albans or Harpenden to serve an Instagram vegetable flavoured yoghurt?