Getting your teens started on the stage?

February 7th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Getting your teens started on the stage?

In St Albans we are lucky to have many Performing Arts professional venues including the Abbey theatre. It was built in 1967 and has a 230-seat auditorium as its main theatre and a 70-80 seat studio theatre. This brilliant set up allow for a range of flexible year-round programming for the inhabitants of St Albans to enjoy. 

The theatre is St Albans’ main amateur dramatics venue with the Company of Ten managing over 400 members and staging up to 10 productions each season. Not only is it a flexible home grown venue for adult but it is also home to The Company of Teens.  

The Company of Teens is the youth section of the Company of Ten and The Company of Teens is open to all 14-19 year olds. All that is required is a love of theatre, no previous experience or talent is required. There is of course of course a strong commitment to be involved in producing high standards of youth drama required. These productions are performed at the St Albans home venue in The Abbey Theatre and at other local and London venues that the company use too.

The Company of Teens works towards two productions a year. One is a festival piece performed in the spring and the other the final play of the Abbey Theatre’s Season in July. Through these productions young people have the opportunity to develop and use a wide range of stagecraft skills, both on and offstage, including acting, choreography, lighting, sound and stage management.

To really get involved in a production young people are required to become members of the Company of Ten. Newcomers are welcome to join for a small fee of £35/year and will then be eligible to audition for suitable parts in the rest of the Company’s season.

Company of Teens