Gardner’s Question time in Harpenden

January 24th 2017
By: Melanie
Gardner’s Question time in Harpenden

It is more than a year since GQT, Gardener’s Question Time had a full house of over a hundred people in Park Hall in Harpenden where the audience enjoyed a stimulating and entertaining evening hosted by the Harpenden Gardening Society for BBC Radio 4’s ever popular ‘Gardeners Question Time’.  In that episode a wide range of gardening issues were raised from compost composition to outlandish potatoes and replacement ideas for a soon to be felled 200 year old beech tree. The expert panel of Matthew Biggs, Ann Swithenbank and James Wong, ably chaired by Eric Robson deftly responded to the range of questions and brought an evening of cheer to December 2015.
With what is usually the coldest month of the year upon us it might not seem like the best time to be gardening but January starts to see the days begin to lengthen and things in the garden start to stir. January is a great time to stay inside listening to Gardner’s Question Time and planning the coming gardening year in your St Albans or Harpenden garden. But on a bright day it is good to get out in the fresh air, and tidy up any extra leaves or end of year debris, check your winter protection, stakes, ties and supports are still working after any big winds. Maybe clean out your greenhouse ready for spring, dig over any vacant plots that you didn’t turn over before Christmas and disperse the worm casts thrown up in your lawn. If you have any rhubarb in the garden it is time to start thinking about getting the equipment in place for forcing it all the while imagining that first rhubarb crumble in a few months’ time.
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