En garde in St Albans

February 8th 2017
By: Melanie
En garde in St Albans

Even when you think you know everything there is to know about St Albans you can often discover there is something more to be discovered in the city. If you have been looking for a new physical activity to new skill to learn how about looking up St Albans Fencing Club? The club holds two-hour weekly evening sessions that include a group lesson, free play and individual coaching. It also provides a range of equipment, weapons, protective clothing for all three weapons; Foil, Epée and Sabre.
The St Albans club has its base at Marlborough School and fences on Thursday nights between 8pm and 10pm. Each session starts with a warm up, followed by a group session followed by a mixture of individual lessons from their coaches, and uses electric scoring equipment for bouts. The club is a friendly place to meet other locals and caters fo a wide range of fencing abilities, from beginners to members who fence regularly in competitions both locally and nationwide. New members are welcome to join a 10-week beginners' course that includes seven weeks of instruction and three weeks' trial membership with the club.
All fencers must have appropriate insurance.  While fencing is not an inherently dangerous sport, it is not without risk. All fencers need to ensure that they are covered by insurance – both for personal and for 3rd party injury. British Fencing (BF) membership provides this – automatically – with different levels of cover for ‘social’ fencers, the annual premium is in the region of £10.00 pa.