Easter is really early this year

March 16th 2016
By: Melanie

Easter is dictated by the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the March equinox which means this year Easter is really early. We have all heard of Easter bunny and the usual St Albans Easter egg hunt but what about some other Easter egg games?

How about a family challenge to guess the number of Easter eggs in the jar? Fill a large clear plastic or glass jar or jug with chocolate eggs remembering to make a note of how many you put in. Everyone at your Easter party then takes a turn at guessing how many eggs are in the jar, a good way it to get everyone to write their guess down before reading them out so people aren’t making their guess based on what other people have said. The person who guesses the nearest wins the eggs.

If you have never done egg rolling the family can really enjoy this. Hard boil some hens eggs and get each member of the family to decorate their egg with felt tips. Then mark out a start and finish point inside or out. Line the children up on their hands and knees at the start point and get them to roll the egg from start to finish using only their noses. The winner is the one to reach the end without touching the egg with their hands.

Pin the tail on a St Albans Easter Bunny is another variation on a classic, find or draw a large picture of an Easter bunny, get some cotton wool balls and put a small piece of sticky tape on them then, blindfold the first child. Spin them round 2 or 3 times, face them in the right direction and let them try and stick the fluffy tail on the Easter bunny. Wherever the child sticks the tail, write their name. The child who puts the tail closest to where the tail of a bunny should be wins.

Source: MumsNet