Creating sight lines in the family home?

September 26th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Creating sight lines in the family home?

If you are looking to renovate your St Albans home or are searching for a new Harpenden home it can be really important to be mindful of sight lines. Sights lines are what you can see from any given point in your house either into other rooms, or through windows or doors to the outside.
When you’re sitting or walking through your home there are views you do want to see, and spaces you don’t. The garden is a view you want; the downstairs WC is a view you don’t. A sight line is a hypothetical line from your eye to what can be seen in front of you. Essentially, good sight lines bring views you like into focus on while concealing private spaces as much as possible.

Sight lines can make a home feel open and airy enhancing the sense of flow. By creating interior views from one space through to another and then on to the outdoors can, make a house feel larger than it actually is. The simplest sight line can often be found in the hallway. A hallway with a window or door at the end is an appealing sight line, a glass window or door draws the eye towards natural light maybe even all the way through the house.
Limiting lines of sight on the other hand increases a sense of privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms for example limiting the view from the hallway through the master bedroom and into the master bathroom. Configuring spaces to limit this line of sight can increase privacy and comfort.

Sightlines are subjective; they can come down to what you want to see, whether you want to create a sense of exploration and be expansive or if you prefer to be snug and homely, it’s up to you.