Copper fittings for your home

June 14th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

It is the time of year to enjoy thinking about a little changes in your St Albans or Harpenden home and in 2015 there was much talk of copper and metallics, so the continuing trend for copper and including the timeless tones of brass and gold is hardly a surprise. The warm, glowing and reflective, copper and brass are more traditional materials that have stormed back into fashion. Whatever your personal preference, a metallic purchase can always bring a bit of sparkle to the home.
If you have become tired of brushed steel and shiny chrome you might want to spend a bit of time working out how more traditional metals and alloys can be worked back into a room scheme.  In the kitchen copper can bring just the right note of industrial chic, kitchen taps can be made bespoke from copper piping and simple valves. It can offer an antidote to the flash, expensive taps found in so many modernist kitchens. Brass shelf brackets were often used in kitchens and pantries in the past, they are easy to install and give a simple shelf a twist of personality.

Even just a little bit of brass can go a long way, adding interest to a colour scheme. Traditionally this alloy was often used for practical purposes, as house letters and numbers, lighting or taps. So see what you can find in a Hertfordshire vintage shop, old brass fittings and pieces can still be found then you can get creative about how they can be used as decoration.
Fleetville Vintage Emporium has a lovely selection of vintage wares from accessories to furniture, to find out more please follow this link:
Source : Houzz UK