Bank holiday home maintenance checks

August 22nd 2017
By: Melanie
Bank holiday home maintenance checks

George Clarke may be best known as The Restoration Man from the telly with projects large and small but he is also keen on smart thinking for all home owners. Keeping tabs on the most costly aspects of home maintenance will help save money in the future he says. It is so easy to be too busy to take a proper look but if you are home this bank Holiday it might be worth heeding a bit of his advice.

Regular outdoor checks on your St Albans or Harpenden property can help prevent winter disasters. At this time of year it makes sense to check the roof from outside. You can either get a reliable roofer or builder in to check the water tightness of your overhead protection. Or you can take a look yourself if you have a loft room, if not you could ask your neighbour across the road if they can see any broken or missing tiles.
If you have a brick build house look for corroded pointing, water looks for weak points to gain access. If you decide to get a builder to check your roof over you might as well ask them to give the walls a quick once over too. If your walls are rendered look out for loose masonry maybe take a note of any cracks or weaknesses that might need attention.
It is wise to carry out regular checks on your chimney stacks; these can be the first things to be damaged in bad weather. Don’t let the first strong gusts of Autumn winds blow down a great chunk. Also check your gutters for used bird nests, clumps of leaves or accumulations of moss or mud that can cause water to back up. Water build up in the gutter has only one place to go down the wall causing damp.
 Frosts can help with recommendations of local contractors that we use for property management department – but contact us first.