Raising a family in St Albans

September 4th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Raising a family in St Albans

Lots of people move to St Albans and Harpenden to raise their families with so many good schools. Finding the right environment to raise a family can be hard but St Albans has loads going for it as a family city.

But even if you get the environment right sometimes it can be hard helping your children through their teenage years. One particular challenge that is not always easy to cope with is all the changes around transitioning from primary to secondary schools. 

There is the separation from old friendship groups and all kinds of fears about a new school fears alongside the natural growing up and pushing for independence it can make one wonder what has happened to the little darlings. If you are looking for help to understand some of these challenges better and provide your teens with skills that will ease them into secondary school life you might want to check out the Teen Trust courses run in St Albans.

They help support parents to work with their “tween” and teenagers to be able to have a happy flourishing family life despite the challenges of these demanding years! The flexible programmes allow parents to come together with other parents and experienced facilitators to explore some of the challenges and develop practical approaches and skills that will help.  They also understand the need for tea and coffee or wine & chocolate! Alongside the opportunity for being able to offload some parental stress’ and emotions alongside like-minded people! 

They say they offer more than just a parenting course. There are 6 hours of a mixture of learning psychoeducational tips and strategies, a chance to share your thoughts and be listened to without being judged but a bit like the NCT it doesn't just end after the 6 hours either. The idea is to form an ongoing programme of workshops and meetings to help you raise your family in St Albans. 

Future St Albans dates in 2018 are 14th September, 19th October, 30th November at Batchwood Sports Centre, St Albans from 9.30pm to 3 pm.