Nearly time for a BBQ?

May 26th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

If this half term brings a bit of warm weather it really might be time for the first of the summer BBQs. Some of us are happy to scrub down our old traditional barbeque others might prefer a super high tech gas fired affair but have you ever had a good look at the TheoCooks Greek Style Rotisserie BBQ –Mum’s Guide to Harpenden say if you do, your summers will never be the same again!
Based on a traditional Greek style BBQ, it will change the way you cook outside forever say some. It’s a solid steel construction perfect for cooking over charcoal, wood or briquettes with 11 individual skewers and 3 huge skewers all connected to a motorised rotisserie culminates in a totally new cooking experience. If it’s time to bring a bit of Greek BBQ magic to your summer with the ultimate lazy days BBQ that comes with plenty of wow factor! Stick the skewers on, start the motor and let the BBQ do the work, whether you want to cook for 20 or 2 the unique rotisserie design and motor means the food cooks evenly, is self-basting and couldn’t be easier to achieve fabulous food without being chained to the BBQ, so you get to enjoy your summer BBQs as much as your guests.
Mum's guide to Harpenden are even able to offer £25 OFF if you purchase your TheoCooks BBQ just enter the code 'mumsguide' at checkout. On top of this to get your summer BBQ off to a great start Theo has kindly prepared some delicious BBQ recipes to share. Other BBQs of many shapes and sizes are also available across numerous outlets across St Albans and Harpenden. Let’s hope for BBQ weather.
Source: Mums Guide to Harpenden

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