It’s summer time

July 5th 2017
By: Melanie
It’s summer time

The season so many of us long for had finally arrived so it is really important to make the most of you St Albans' garden. With sunshine, light evenings and some warmth, it’s great to try and spend as much time as possible outside. If you haven’t already you might want to spruce up your BBQ or decking so you can enjoy parties on the patio, with family and friends. Or if simply communing with nature is more your thing it’s a great time to consider how to spruce up your boarders or add to your patio pots.
To help Hertfordshire enjoy and improve its gardens, St Albans is fortunate to have the award winning independent garden centre that is Burston Garden Centre on its doorstep.  Their success is based on providing thoughtfully sourced products, delivered with passion and expertise, a service the Pearson family initiated when they opened in 1978. Nothing quite like a trip to a good garden Centre to help you develop your outdoor space.
The site on which Burston Garden Centre and Hertfordshire Fisheries is located has been owned by the Pearson family since the 1978. Brothers John and Richard Pearson founded Burston Nurseries (adjacent to the Garden Centre). Since they opened the Garden Centre has gone from strength to strength there is everything you could need for the garden right there and if you have been thinking about creating a pond or simply want to refurbish your aquarium you could explore some of those options at Burton too.