How to Say goodbye to a home

March 28th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
How to Say goodbye to a home

Good memories make a real home and saying goodbye to your old home and starting life in a new one can be bittersweet. Saying goodbye to a place full of memories especially if you have lived in that house for a long time can be painful. But there are some tips that can help make the transition a bit easier.

Have you thought of taking pictures of your home? Taking plenty of photos is a proven way to fight the loss of memories. If you document each room you can go back to them later in your mind. Putting the pictures in an album can be a good idea too. If you sometimes think of your move with mixed feelings, honest pictures of all the good and bad aspects of your old home can help you accept the new place and move you on from the sad goodbye.

It can be good to literally say goodbye to each room. One day before the moving day, or maybe even on the morning of the day itself, go from room to room and say your farewells to each living space. You might want to take your partner or your kids with you and ask them what has their favourite memory of each room is. If you have time you can fill every room with a great story, fun events or ridiculous situations.  

Equally when you arrive at your new home make sure you start as you mean to go on and celebrate it. Have a house-warming party; introduce your new home to friends and family as soon as you can. This can also help you build an entirely new connection to the new house. Invite your new St Albans and Harpenden neighbours, get to know them and start making new memories!