How about Harpenden Quiz of Quizzies?

February 28th 2017
By: Melanie
How about Harpenden Quiz of Quizzies?

A good quiz from Mastermind through Eggheads and University Challenge to Pointless can be irresistible and for anyone who fancy’s a night out with a bit of a challenge Harpenden Rotary club are putting on a Quiz of Quizzies on Friday 10th March. This ever-popular local event will be held at Harpenden’s St George’s School, and will be supported by Frost’s. Tables for teams of six cost £81 and include a cold supper.
To get you started, has it ever occurred to you where the word Quiz came from? The story according to the OED says the origin of the word can be traced  back to a Dublin theatre owner  called Richard Daly who apparently made a bet that he could, within a couple of days, turn a nonsense work in to a word known across a city and that the public would supply a meaning for it. He gave his staff cards with the word 'quiz' written on them, and told them to write the word on walls all around the city. The next day the strange word was the talk of the town, and within a short time it had become part of the language. The most detailed account of this supposed  event can be found in F. T. Porter's Gleanings and Reminiscences, 1875 and gives its date as 1791.
Whether it seems completely reliable information or not the word nevertheless went onto acquire its later meaning of, 'to question or interrogate and as this meaning emerged in the mid-19th century it gave rise to the most common use of the term today. If you want to test your knowledge do not delay  email Roy Brimblecombe at: or tel: 01582 713135