Alban Weekend

June 13th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Alban Weekend

The Alban Street Festival is part of Alban Weekend in St Albans. This year it is will be held on Sunday 24th June 2018 from 12-6pm on St Peter's Street, St Albans, AL3 5DJ. The Alban Street Festival showcases and reflects as much as it can about St Albans inspiring community. At the Alban Street Festival, all that is fun and fabulous about St Albans is celebrated, with creative and sporting activities, live music, performance, face painting, street performers and other curiosities. If you are new to St Alban's or interested in finding out about living in St Albans or Harpenden this free weekend event is not to be missed.

The Alban Pilgrimage also takes place on this weekend - this year it will be held on Saturday 23rd June, from 11 am. This provides the opportunity to see the St Albans Pilgrimage Puppets. St Albans Cathedral has a stunning set of puppets used during the Alban Pilgrimage. These 12-ft tall carnival puppets and a procession of around 300 children, teenagers and adults from the local community dramatise the tale of St Alban’s martyrdom. 
St Alban is the city’s namesake who died on 22nd June over 1700 years ago. 

He was executed for giving shelter to a Christian priest later named Amphibalus who was fleeing persecution by the occupying Romans. Moved by the priest's faith, Alban became a Christian and the two men swapped cloaks, enabling the priest to escape. Alban was arrested instead, brought to trial and executed on the hill where St Albans Cathedral now stands. The final scene of the pilgrimage takes place at the West End of St Albans Cathedral, the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain.

If you have time from catching the St Albans Pilgrimage procession and savouring the activates of the St Alban Street Festival you might also want to take the opportunity to take a tour the Cathedral and find out more about the history of the Alban Pilgrimage.