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December 4th 2016
Re-invent your sprout dish this Christmas
If you are struggling to reinvent your sprout dish this Christmas this might be an idea for you, burnt sprouts with pomegranate and sesame.
November 30th 2016
Vegetarians coming for Christmas?
More and more of us are finding that members of the family are looking to be vegetarians even vegans.
November 22nd 2016
What to drink with turkey?
Planning mid-winter feasting is half the fun on Christmas and making sure you have the right wines on the table for Christmas diner its part of all that.
November 16th 2016
Making your own Christmas Cake
If you like to bake you will probably know of Mary Berry and her Victorian-style Christmas cake which should be made well ahead of the big day (at least 3 weeks preferably 3 months).
November 11th 2016
Season of mists and…..yummy mushrooms
The Girolle mushroom is one of those more seasonal mushrooms with a fruity, peppery flavour, and a more meaty texture making it a perfect complement to pasta.
November 1st 2016
What to eat at your bonfire gathering?
Parkin Cake is a sticky cake containing a mix of oatmeal, ginger, treacle and syrup, it fairly easy to make and is like a more cakey, spicy flapjack so it is filling and warming on a chilly night out watching fireworks.
September 20th 2016
Cabbage delight
At this time of year cabbage in its many forms is seasonal and widely available in and around St Albans.
August 18th 2016
Strawberry and elderflower ice pop with a bit of fizz
Ice lollies for all the family, an ice pop is a delightful part of childhood but they can be for grown-ups too.  If you are pla...