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Moving in guide

Payment of rent

Your tenancy agreement outlines all responsibilities with regard to paying rent, but we know this is a busy time for you so just in case you have forgotten to set it up- you are required to pay your rent in cleared funds by standing order each month.

To assist you, we have provided a standing order mandate when we sent out your Tenancy Agreement for signature, which you can complete and take into your bank. They will only take an instruction from you to pay your rent to us, we cannot set it up for you.

Alternatively you can also set this up online using the account details and the reference provided. Please do give us a call if you have trouble locating the payment reference to be given to the bank, so that your payment is allocated to your tenancy.

Contents insurance

As you are renting, you will not be required to have buildings insurance, however, you will need to purchase insurance to cover your personal belongings to include any appliances that you bring with you. Your landlords insurance will only cover their own property and belongings. You should ensure that the cover you purchase has Accidental Damage, as in the event that an accident happens i.e. you damage the Landlords items or property, you will be responsible for replacing these.

Utility Providers and Council Tax

Utility and council tax departments will only speak with the bill payer, so don’t forget to call them and set up your account to ensure there is no delay with your bill. It is advisable to transfer accounts into your name in advance, this gives them a chance to re-connect any services that have been disconnected. They may ask that you call back to supply them with an opening meter reading once you have moved in. In order to assist you, the following numbers are provided:

  • Gas - To find out current supplier details, please contact the Transco Meter Line on 0870 6081524.
  • Electricity - To find out current supplier details, please contact EDF Energy on 0845 6015467.
  • Water - Affinity Water 0845 7697982
  • Council tax - St Albans Council 01727 866100

Frost’s cannot accept responsibility for services not connected at the commencement of your tenancy

Inventory & Schedule of Condition

In most cases, your landlord will have paid to have an independent inventory and schedule of condition (commonly referred to as ‘Inventory’ only) made prior to you moving in, if this is the case, we will send a copy of the inventory to you once we receive it.

This is an important document that will form the foundation of the deposit negotiation at the end of your tenancy, whenever that may be. Therefore please ensure you make any amendments or adjustments that you feel are necessary, sign the Inventory, and return it to Property Management within 7 days.

If you choose not to return the document within 7 days it will be deemed that you have accepted the contents.

Upon vacating the property an independent inventory company will return to compile a checkout report and they will use your amended version provided the above timescale is followed.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

From the 1st October 2015, all rented properties must have smoke alarms fitted on each floor of the living accommodation and CO alarms in any room where there is a solid fuel burning appliance (wood, coal etc.) Either Frost’s, or our appointed contractor will have visited on the day you moved in, to check and test that these alarms are in working order.

During your tenancy it is your responsibility to periodically test and replace any batteries within the Smoke or CO alarms.

We recommend that you test your alarms on a monthly basis as a minimum to ensure that they are in working order. If you find an alarm is not working, and changing the batteries does not rectify this, you should notify us immediately so that we can arrange its replacement.

Moving out guide

Giving notice

Check your Tenancy Agreement, you may need to give one- or two-months’ notice of your intention to vacate the property, but this notice must be in line with the terms of your tenancy. Please call your Property Manager if you are unsure of the correct dates.

End of tenancy form

Once we have received notice, we will send a form to be completed by all tenants as shown on the Tenancy Agreement and returned to us. This form will ask for your forwarding address and bank details, along with information on the utility suppliers in the property. Please be aware that failure to return the completed form may delay the return of your deposit.


We would like your deposit return to be swift and would like to end your tenancy on a happy note. With this in mind, it is useful to know, cleaning is the most common reason for delays with deposit returns. Reading your original inventory can help ensure that you are returning the property to the same level of cleanliness. If you cannot find your copy of the inventory, then please contact your landlord who can forward a copy.

Do not forget that you may have special clauses within your Tenancy Agreement that require further services i.e. fumigation, chimney sweeping, and carpet cleaning.

Should the property require professional cleaning and you wish to use a contractor known to Frost’s please find their details below. They will be able to provide you with a quote for the cleaning required. It remains the tenants responsibility to ensure that the cleaning is to an acceptable standard however this will minimise any potential cleaning issues during the deposit return.

Abbey Cleaning - Kelly Turner - 07786 964008

Techne – 07398 223 552

Harpenden Cleaning (Carpet Cleaning Specialist) - Grant Hollier - 07870 946269 / 07779 657707

If you are required to have the property fumigated as part of the Tenancy Agreement, Frost’s pest controller details are below:

Attack Pest Control – Ash Girle – 07525 855 489

If you decide to carry out cleaning yourself and the property had previously been professionally cleaned the landlord would be within their right to request that the property be professionally cleaned at your expense from the deposit. This includes instances where tenants hire cleaning equipment to carry out the cleaning or carpets or upholstery themselves as this may not clean to the same standard as at the commencement of the tenancy.


If there is a garden with your property please ensure it is in seasonal, tidy condition as per the original inventory. Should you prefer to use a gardener to ensure that the garden is left in the correct manner, you may contact any of the following contractors known to Frost’s: Little Green Bag Company - Alan Sweeney - 07900 345413 Kevin Schmid Landscape Gardener- Kevin Schmid - 07913 673134

Domestic and recycling waste

Please ensure that any bins are placed in the correct position for council collection.

Changes to the property

During your tenancy, if your landlord has given permission for you to make any temporary alterations to the property you will need to ensure that they are returned as at the start of the tenancy.

Standing order cancellation

Moving is an expensive time for you so to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected outgoings, please cancel any planned rental payments with your bank once the last month’s rent has been paid. We are unable to cancel a standing order as this is an instruction between you and your bank. We will refund any accidental payments the first month and remind you to cancel your standing order, however, a charge may apply if the standing order still has not been cancelled in the following months.

Utility Accounts

As at the start of your tenancy, only the account holder can close a utility or council tax account. For services such as gas, electricity and water (if metered), you will need to have your final meter readings to hand. The service provider will require your forwarding address so that they can send you a final bill.

Key return

The process at the end of the tenancy is for you to return all keys, alarm fobs, gate remotes and any parking permits that were signed over to you at the beginning of or during your Tenancy to Frost’s or your landlord before 5.30pm on your vacating date.

Please note that once you have surrendered the keys to the property you will have no legal right to re-enter the property.

Check out

Upon receipt of your notice we will write to you and advise you of the checkout procedure. The checkout usually takes place the working day after the last day of your tenancy and the inventory company will invite you to attend. We strongly recommend that you take time to be present as the report created on this visit forms part of your deposit negotiation.

Prior to the checkout it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is returned to the same condition as at the commencement of your tenancy with particular reference to both cleanliness and condition.

Mail redirection

As the property may be empty between occupiers please arrange redirection of your mail. We are required to ‘return to sender’ any post delivered to the property after you vacate.

Deposit return

If your deposit is registered by Frost’s only.

Frost’s are members of MyDeposits and during the deposit return process we act as an impartial party to ensure the process is fair. Deposits cannot be returned prior to the end of the Tenancy or agreement from both parties.

We would like you to understand that during the process of deposit negotiation we relay relevant information between both you and your landlord for consideration.

Once the checkout report has been received, a copy is sent to you and the landlord. Your landlord is asked to look through the report and advise you of any potential claims they wish to make based on the content of the report.

If your landlord wishes to propose deductions, these will be sent to you and you will be asked to respond in writing. Any amount which is ‘undisputed’ will be returned to you. Any amounts being claimed, will be held while in negotiations.

A deposit return will not be considered if any rent is outstanding at the end of your tenancy.

All tenants will need to confirm their agreement to a deposit return.

We are regulated agents under the Tenancy Deposit Solutions trading as MyDeposits.

Further information for tenants can be found at

If, at the end of your tenancy, the amount due for dilapidations and any arrears of rent is greater than the amount of the deposit held, this may be pursued along with the costs incurred in collecting this money.

Please Note: in the case of a dispute arising between landlord and tenant, we cannot release the disputed monies until the matter is resolved.

Once the deposit return has been finalised it will be returned to the bank details as provided on your End of Tenancy form, which you will have completed and returned previously.

Winter Vacation

If you are vacating the property in the winter season, please leave the heating on a low setting, we would recommend between 15c-17c.

Report a repair

Managed properties

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to report repairs. To report any repair or maintenance request, please go to our online repair reporting portal

Our portal will guide you through the process, asking for all necessary details about the problem, enabling us to promptly and accurately diagnose it.

Once we've received your repair request you'll receive an instant email confirmation. Your Property Manager will contact you to discuss the issue during our office hours which are Monday- Friday 9am to 6pm.

If a contractor is needed you will be able to schedule a convenient time for the work to be carried out.


Non managed properties

Please call your landlord directly or any emergency number they have provided. If you are unable to contact them:

If you experience an emergency concerning lack of Gas, Electricity or Water, or fear there may be a leak, please do call an emergency contractor.

If you have an internal water leak, please try to locate your stopcock and then call an emergency plumber.

Reporting a services issue

If you smell gas – immediately call Cadent on 0800 111 999 before instructing a Gas contractor

In the event of a power cut call UK Power Networks 0800 3163 105

For concerns over a water leak on the mains water please contact Affinity Water initially on 0345 357 2407

If your landlord has a Home Care agreement, please contact the company providing this. The most common providers are:

British Gas: 0800 107798 / Homeserve: 0330 123 0179

In case of emergency

You are advised not to instruct a contractor directly except in the event of a genuine emergency, as the landlord may not agree with other reasons for a call out and therefore the liability to pay the contractor may remain with you. For the avoidance of doubt we would define an emergency as serious maintenance matters that endanger health or safety.

Client Money Protection

At Frost's we ensure your deposit is kept safe by using the guidelines set out by the Client Money Prootection scheme.

View our certificate for the Client Money Protection scheme