YouTube mums

March 4th 2016
By: Melanie

Mothering Sunday this weekend 6th March is for all mums everywhere. But where do Mums go to find out information and support each other. Mumsnet is right up there but more and more people are not Googling questions any more they are YouTubeing them. It may have seemed for some time that YouTube was for the youth to play Mindcraft and funny cat videos. But those YouTube kids it would seem are all grown up and having babies themselves!

Channelmum says the “YouTube generation of mums have just as many questions as I did when I was a new mum: how do I get my baby to sleep when they think that day is night and night is day? Can I give Calpol AND Ibuprofen for a fever? Is it normal for my baby to cry this much? But more importantly, am I normal?! Why is this so scary? Does anyone else feel overwhelmed? Am I really good enough to be in charge of this tiny delicate, precious little baby?”

Any these millennial mums are looking for answers in the more intimate, visual format of video blogging: vlogging, where it feels like you’re hearing from friends you can get to know and trust. . One really topical recent vlog looks at what you can do to help your children be free off the pressures of gender stereotyping through their childhoods.

Well worth a look to reassure any mother that they are not alone in struggling with the issues that are thrown up by parenting.