Why not move to St Albans?

October 15th 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Why not move to St Albans?

The areas just to the north of the capital have been popular destinations for a move out of the city for years. So what is stopping you from looking at moving to St Albans or Harpenden? Lots of other folk are thinking the same thing as recently St Albans has been named among the most popular destinations for Londoners looking to leave the capital.

The Cathedral city found itself in ninth place on the countdown of the ten places within commutable distance of the capital most favoured by London-dwellers. When the survey drilled down deeper and they asked how many Londoners were looking to make a move over the next 12-months, they found that some 42 per cent of those asked were planning to leave London.

It is also interesting to note that of the same group some 40 per cent were still planning to commute to the capital for work, with a goal of keeping the journey time below 45 minutes. A significant number, indeed 31 per cent of those asked who was looking to leave London also had better access to the countryside in mind, St Albans and Harpenden offer good easy access to both the capital and the countryside. 

The report also suggests that 43 per cent of "prime London movers" had left the capital in the last year – this is a record proportion, and significantly higher than the 33 per cent low of 2013. Significantly, flexible working, faster broadband and better transport links have helped make a move out of the capital seem more appealing than ever, reducing your commute to days rather than weeks.

A move to St Albans or Harpenden can get you much more for you money if you take into account all the lifestyle choices including space, schools and quality of life all things that are topping purchasers' wish list.

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