What do you need to build a den?  

February 4th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
What do you need to build a den?  

You are never too young to want to have a go at building your own St Albans or Harpenden home. If you are under ten you don’t need much more than a table and a sheet to make one!  With the St Albans and Harpenden half term on the horizon getting together the basics for building a den could give the kids a great activity and keep them occupied for days. 

A homemade den can be made in the house, garden or in some local woods. Inside chairs and tables are one quick and easy way of building a structure as are broom handles or tent poles. Outside Fallen branches or the low hanging branches of a tree can be good.

You’ll need stuff for tying the structure together something like string and rope what about cutting up old T-shirts to weave with?  Old bed sheets to cover the shelter can come in handy too. If you want to use your dens in the rain you’ll need something waterproof like a tarpaulin.

The Eden Projects Den Commandments offer tips to keep everyone safe and happy when den building. It is important not to do anything stupid they say! There is obvious stuff not to build with like glass as it can break into dangerously sharp bits. Steer clear of big bits of wood, or anything else big and heavy. Tins of paint or chemicals are bad news for you and the environment so leave them well alone.

They also say Respect the environment! Don’t cut bits off living trees - true denmasters leave no trace. Always tidy up after yourself and don’t drop litter, especially if you use manmade materials. Check whose land you are planning to build on: you don’t want to be chased off halfway through or upset the neighbours.

If you want to be a bit more structured, Rye Meads Nature reserve Rye Road Stanstead Abbotts Herts SG12 8JS is offering a self-led den building week from Saturday 10 February to Sunday 18 February9am -5pm at £2 per child but it requires careful supervision by adults (as well as taking part and having fun themselves of course!)

Or Check out the Eden Den Kit online it includes all you need to build a sturdy den and decorate it.