Vegetarian Burgers

August 5th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
With so many people looking more and more closely at what it means to follow a plant based diet its worth brushing up on your veggie burger skills.  Why not have a St Albans Veggie burger BBQ and challenge all your friends to bring their favourite veggie burgers over to share.
Key to making a good veggie burger is stopping them falling apart, to do this you need to keep track of the moisture, excess water can lead to a burger mix that is too wet and won’t hold together. If you decide to add chili sauce, courgette, or anything that has moisture, think about adding more flour or bread crumbs. Another tip is not to make the patties before refrigerating them, being in the fridge adds moisture. So refrigerate the whole burger mix in a bowl and only make the patties when you’re ready to cook them. They will be firmer and hold together better while cooking.
To create veggie burger masterpieces choose a pulse you love, maybe add another favourite vegetable and choose a grain or flour for binding, maybe add some nuts for texture, and season liberally.  Lentils make a texture that can replace ground meat easily and come in a variety of colours -green, red, brown, and black. Chickpeas are versatile think of falafels, but bigger serve them with Tzatziki on top. Then there are black-eyed peas also known as pigeon peas and perfect for burgers because they have a taste and texture that’s not too beany or grainy.
When you want that meaty taste umami, mushrooms are great for a rich, earthy taste. Portobello mushrooms can stand alone as a healthy, filling perfect instant burgers. Don’t forget potatoes they can be the main ingredient in so many dishes including burgers mashed white potatoes can be mixed with cauliflower or beans or corn and hold their shape well.
Source : Eatwell