Stay at home improvements in August

August 8th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Stay at home improvements in August

For some of us August is the ideal month to stay at home in our St Albans or Harpenden home and get our house in order.  August is usually a great month for enjoying taking on some of those outdoor home improvement projects that are so easy to put off in the more rainy months.
One annual event that is easiest in August is giving all your give your windows a quick once over to make sure they are in good repair and performing just a well as they were the day they were installed. It’s not a bad idea to check your window locks, if a window won’t lock it might mean they are not closing fully and need to be adjusted.
If you have sash windows check for an even reveal along the bottom sash so you know the window is working well. Take a look at the weatherstripping in between the sash window and the frame to make sure there’s no damage. Don’t forget to check it on inside of the lower sash too. As you are checking make sure you give them a good clean inside and out.

For windows it is worth taking a look at the outdoor sealant to check if the sealant surrounding the window is damaged or cracked. If it is it may be an easy repair and repaint job that is much easier to do in the summer months.
If the outside of your St Albans home is painted it is the ideal month to take advantage of the warm, dry weather and paint your house. Remember if you are going to paint your house don’t skimp on the prep work, it’s just as important as painting!