St Albans Race for Life

July 18th 2018
By: Melanie
St Albans Race for Life

As more and more find our lives touched by cancer the St Albans Race for Life takes on new meaning. Sunday 22nd July 2018 will once again bring thousands of women together to support Cancer Research UK in St Albans Race for Life. The Race for Life is a 5k and can be run by all ages. You can run, jog or walk; the only thing that matters is that you’re taking part of it. 

The Race for Life raised money for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research. Whichever event you choose in St Albans or any other city and whatever you decide to wear whether its a tutu or just an old pink t-shirt Just by signing up to take part you’ll make a difference and whether you raise £10 or £200, it doesn’t really matter as every penny counts. 

Sadly every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Research UK are world leaders in research to help find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. They receive no Government funding so have to rely on the funds that are raised through events like St Albans Race for Life by you.

All the money is well spent:  £23 buys a lab coat for one of their scientists, £50 buys a scientific sieve to separate out big bits and small bits of DNA, £270 covers the cost of a trial for a day to find the best treatment for children with a rare type of leukaemia, £11 buys a lab timer to keep the scientists on track, £100 covers the cost of giving one patient the Cytosponge test and analysing their results in the lab to diagnose early stages of oesophageal cancer, £400 is the cost of running Cancer Chat for one day helping thousands of people through very difficult times.

By supporting St Albans Race for Life you are supporting Cancer Research UK to do what they do best and help us all live longer fuller lives.