St Albans Poppy Field

October 22nd 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
St Albans Poppy Field

At this time of year, it is the time of remembrance and the St Albans Poppy Field helps us do just that.  As part of the commemorations for the World War One Centenary, a unique light and sound installation made up of a stunning projection of poppies will fill the Nave of St Albans Cathedral. This Installation will run for two nights only in St Albans on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October 2018 from 7:30 pm to 11 pm Entry is free and booking is not required. 

The Cathedral St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard, St Albans, Postcode: AL1 1BY will open after dark to anyone wishing to contemplate and reflect on the history of World War One. The installation provides people with an opportunity to remember those who have served, both in the First World War and any other conflict.

The installation features projections specially tailored to St Albans Cathedral, including names of local soldiers who have served in the armed forces and falling rose petals which will be projected over the Shrine of Alban, Britain’s First Saint. At Albans cathedral ran a campaign calling for people to submit the names of friends or relatives who have served their country in any conflict prior to the event. 

The Poppy Field installation was created by Peter Walker, Artist in Residence and Artistic Director at Lichfield Cathedral. He is an internationally renowned sculptor and artist. Peter is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. He worked with Luxmuralis an internationally acclaimed company for large-scale sound and light artworks. The primary purpose of Luxmuralis is to take art onto the streets and provide access to visual artwork in public as well as unexpected places. The Poppy field also has a beautiful sound artwork composed by David Harper, accompanies the installation and includes four readings of World War One poems by actor, Eddie Redmayne.