St Albans - a great place to live

July 12th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
When the weather is not playing ball and the political climate is feeling a bit unclear it is good to remember to count your blessings. Not so long ago The Telegraph constructed an index of the best places to live in England and Wales they used official data on average weekly incomes, crime rates, health, home ownership, and economic activity. Each of these variables was given an equal weight to produce a ranking of all 7,137 areas. Nowhere in London made the top 10, but the best place to live within commuter range was St Albans in Hertfordshire, coming 10th in the ranking.
St Albans, which went viral on Twitter soon after the index was published at #superstalbans, as at the time it ranked best for income, at number 28, health, was 41, and crime, was 93. Home ownership was ranked at 635, while economic activity was placed at 1,124. Locals echoed the findings when asked why people moved here. David Chadwick, from Collinson Hall said “We have excellent local transport links, particularly the train into London, as well as easy access to the M1, M25 and airports. “We also have excellent local schooling including primary and secondary schools – both state and private. St Albans is also a very pretty place to live and is very safe too.”
Cheryl Whiteman said she loved living in Bernard’s Heath, which the Telegraph identified as the best place to live in the district, due to its walking distance proximity to the city centre and green space for walking the dog. What first attracted to living here as it was, “it’s so lovely and easy to commute to London: having lived in many different places and visited many places in England, I would agree that St Albans is hard to beat as a place to live and raise a family.”
Source: The Telegraph