Spring lambs in Hertfordshire

March 8th 2016
By: Melanie

Spring is finally in the air and seeing some lambs leaping about in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, is a sure sign that the light is returning. At Willows Activity Farm  http://www.willowsactivityfarm.com/ you can go along and see live lambing, new-born lamb bottle feeding demonstrations and more in their- “full day’s programme of fleecy fun for a baa-rilliant day out” with the  family whatever the weather from 13th - 21st March 2016.

Spring really is a great time of the year to be out and about in the Great British countryside, and seeing the farmers’ fields coming to life with new born lambs after a cold, wet winter is really exciting. There are some 32million sheep  that graze the fields of the UK, comprising lambs, their mums – called ewes – and their dads, rams.

Depending on where you live, lambs are born at different times of the year, traditionally, lambing starts in early spring but some farmers start in December and others not until April. If you want to explain it to the kids Ewes and rams mate in a process called tupping which usually takes place in the autumn and lambs are born around 145 days later. 

Some Ewes have twins but the number of lambs born to one ewe can vary widely. The average lamb per ewe is 1.3 lambs per ewe but can be as many as five. Different breeds have different genetic background, so farmers use the best ewes and the very best rams they can to deliver the fit, healthy lambs we see gambolling in the fields.

Source: NFU / Willows Farm