Spring Gardening

March 22nd 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Spring Gardening
With Easter falling so early this year if you have taken a bit of time off work it’s an ideal time to get out in the garden and tidy it up a bit.  The early spring urge to garden can feel quite primal. Re-connecting with the earth is affirming, renewing, promising. For some the garden waking up to a new growing season is a real tonic to the gardener as well after the long, dormant, winter period.
There a whole host of satisfying jobs to get done in the garden at this time of year leaves and debris gather in drainage areas over the winter and need clearing. Because vegetative growth is at a low point in early spring, this is the easiest time of year for clearing the corners of the garden. Make sure you put all the cleared material, into the compost, Spring compost piles are commonly short on carbon-rich materials, like leaves and every extra helps.

Wet winter soil can put a strain on raised beds causing damage so any bowed or leaning sides should be fixed. If you dig back the soil behind the bowed side and drive in new stakes on the inside of the sideboards with a slight inward lean that should do the trick.  Trellises and fencing are also easiest to repair in the spring, with less growth to work around and fewer roots to disturb.

Any weeds which appear in your garden beds will be easiest to pull up now, as the roots are shallow so don’t put it off. Covering bare spots with mulch or ground cover will minimize the emergence of new weeds. Adding mulch to a depth of 3 to 4 inches is usually sufficient. Get out and enjoy your garden this Easter time.
Source: Gardener’s World