Small bathrooms require some clever thinking

January 29th 2018
By: Melanie
Small bathrooms require some clever thinking

With such a premium on space in St Albans and Harpenden there can sometimes be pressure on space within the home. If you have a small bathroom you are looking to refresh there a lots of good ideas to help your maximise space.

The minimum dimensions of a tiny bathroom, for a person to move around with ease, require about 100cm in front of a bath and 70cm in front of the WC. In a small bathroom every inch counts so it is vital to look for short projection on your bathroom furniture; loos, basins, and for a compact and shower baths.

A bath is a must for many of us but it can good to use the space to make it double as a shower enclosure too. Look out for shower baths with a U or L shape at one end. Even if you have to have a shorter tub to fit your bathroom make sure it still offers a decent depth. There is no need to deny yourself the opportunity for a good long soak after a hard day’s work. 

When it comes to the WC the main thing to look for is a short projection.  You want a loo that takes up less room than a standard design. Sometimes a corner models can be a really good solution in an awkwardly shaped room.  In a small space a wall-hung WC offers a feeling of space as you can see the floor under the bowl area which makes it look bigger. 

The other essential is a basin, again there are lots of great corner designs to consider in basins, putting a basin in the corner will make good use of an otherwise wasted space. Semi-recessed and vessel basins can look good.  They can sit on top of or within a vanity unit or countertop, again giving a sense of space on top of a storage unit for cleaning utensils or extra toilet roll. Although wall-hung basins keep the floor area clear this perhaps creates a better illusion of space.