Returning from holiday to St Albans or Harpenden

July 31st 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Returning from holiday to St Albans or Harpenden

When you are preparing for your long-awaited summer holiday from St Albans or Harpenden it is easy to focus on what you need to take and forget to prepare for your return. But it is almost as restful to make sure you come back to a home that is ready for you after a long-awaited break. You can then fully switch off and enjoy on your holiday properly knowing that you will not be coming back to chaos. 

Things to tick off your preparation list might include: clearing the kitchen, emptying fruit bowls and making sure things are put away. Don’t forget your fridge or the kitchen cupboards; no one wants to come home to you delightful St Albans or Harpenden kitchen to find a fridge full of off food. You can even use it as an opportunity to clean the fridge to prevent any odours from food spills or delicious cheeses being ready to greet you when you return.

Another thing to be mindful of is to prevent any unwanted heating automatically coming on and heating an empty house while you are away. That will not be good for your house plants or your energy bills. You may be dreaming of hot places to relax in as most of us do before embarking on a trip away, but it is crucial to consider the weather at home too. Despite the English summer, there are sometimes storms that could blow and gust. Make sure all your windows are closed and there is nothing loose in the garden that could be blown about.  

Finally, remember to call in favours from trusted family and friends. There is always a neighbourly and reciprocal exchange to be had in St Albans and Harpenden in the summer months in particular.  If they help feed your pets and water your plants you can always offer to do the same for them when they take a break for St Albans or Harpenden.