Pre-covid eviction notice periods to return from 1 October 2021

September 25th 2021
By: Frost's
Pre-covid eviction notice periods to return from 1 October 2021

Pre-covid eviction notice periods to return from 1 October 

This means that if you are looking to serve a notice on your tenant, you should wait until 1 October 2021 to serve your notice as the expiry date will then be sooner.

Under Coronavirus legislation Section 21 notices currently have a notice period of 4 months whereas from 1 October it will go back to being 2 months.  If you have served notice recently it may also be worth re-serving it after October 1.

But a statement from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government says: “ we intend to retain the power to implement these measures again in the case that the public health situation worsens and these measures are required again.”

This is a nod to concerns over possible worsening of Covid infections over the winter.

Emergency Coronavirus legislation affecting many aspects of the eviction process has been in force, with minor modifications, since spring 2020 but now the MHCLG says: “While these measures were appropriate at the height of the pandemic, these restrictions could only ever be temporary.  Returning notice periods to their pre-COVID lengths from 1 October will allow landlords to repossess their property where necessary.”

The two months notice is for issuing proceedings, which will normally take several months to get through the courts.  Tenants are NOT at risk of actually having to leave their homes immediately after the two month notice period ends.

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